Batch Tracing Services

dlc provide batch tracing services and append contact data to our clients’ customer records to assist with increasing customer contact for debt recovery, asset reunification projects, or uplifting sales. This service is specifically built for those organisations that have high volume tracing requirements.

We use a specialised data trace system to interrogate a range of data sets including credit reference agencies and leading trace databases. This bespoke technology allows us to trace customers and confirm whether they have a new address, or are ‘living as stated’. dlc are able to supplement this data by providing clients with additional telephone numbers and email addresses.

dlc’s trace solution provides quick and easy customer tracing from limited or incomplete data to improve your Right Party Contacts (RPCs) with minimum resource. Our intelligent batch tracing software gives accurate results proven to reduce incidences of mis-trace.

Data Appending – Benefits

dlc provide customised trace reporting and provide quality assured data through secure transfer methods i.e. SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). dlc’s batch trace tool can be scheduled to operate without any manual intervention, providing an efficient and prompt tracing service for locating large volumes of goneaways. Data enhancement will optimise your customer contact and collections activity by:

  • Improving customer engagement
  • Uplifting contact rates
  • Increasing effectiveness of business processes

Appending Data Regularly

Regular use of data append services is necessary to enhance the quality of your database. House moves, mortalities and customer name changes will affect your data sets, as these records are continuously updated. Obtaining up to date information leaves your business with prime opportunities for making contact with your current customer base.

When should I involve dlc?

Contact centres can use dlc’s batch tracing services prior to commencing contact activity with customers. Manual trace verifications can then be utilised within contact strategies whilst delivering improved contact success rates. Data tracing, using dlc’s data appending software, provides a low cost solution that can provide real dividends when looking to uplift collections performance, or increase the success of asset re-unification projects.

Speedy implementation & highly reliable services have been provided by dlc – a company we can always rely on.

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