Debt Tracing and Investigation

dlc are a leading provider of trace agency services, utilising our highly successful trace and investigation services to locate high volumes of gone away’s for a number of clients.

TracingWe employ a large in-house trace team to manually investigate trace cases and locate absconders, as data matching and analysis will only ever get you half way when it comes to locating debt absconders. Fill in and send the form to speak to our expert debt tracing team.

For larger projects with high volumes of gone away’s please see our batch tracing services.

What experience does dlc have?

Our years of experience in logic based processing have enabled us to apply high degrees of automation to data tracing and investigation.

Our Trace Agents are highly trained and make use of advanced questioning skills in order to locate gone away individuals.

All processes follow the guidelines set by the CSA & FCA and are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act.

All tracing activity includes double verifying of results in order to enhance data accuracy and minimise the risk of mis-trace.

What technology does dlc use?

Our proprietary technology utilises keystroke replication to simultaneously interrogate multiple data sets through our rules based approach. We then intelligently utilise desktop tracing to match results across each data source and deliver results to the trace investigators desktop for verification.

Are dlc’s tracing services tailored to my business?

dlc’s high volume trace team apply a tailored skip tracing service in accordance with your business needs. For example, you may wish to simply make use of our data tracing services, or have us carry out a full manual tracing investigation.

All trace services are provided on a no-success, no fee basis. dlc’s double verified trace results are amongst the highest in the industry. We also offer free re-checks to clients if it is believed our trace results are inaccurate.

Thanks for all your help. You have consistently delivered top trace results in our performance league table.

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