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Our collections outsourcing service, allows you to make performance gains whilst retaining an on-going relationship with your customer. dlc will understand your brand values, business drivers and customer experience, ensuring all services undertaken on your behalf are performed to the highest standard.

TracingWe employ specialist business process outsourcing teams to handle contact management and credit control requirements of many well-known brands. Complete this form to engage with our outsourcing specialists.

Our collections outsourcing services include:

  • Accounts receivable (A/R) outsourcing, which allows creditors wishing to challenge the financial performance of their in-house accounts receivable (A/R) functions.
    Read more about the accounts receivable services dlc offer.
  • Companies dealing with headcount reductions are able to place additional collections resource onto projects by outsourcing to us.
  • Our credit control outsourcing service allows us to work with businesses wishing to apply overflow capacity to credit control operations.
    Read more about the credit control services dlc offer.
  • Organisations looking to run down sales ledgers and close out business divisions. This can often involve managing rested delinquent receivables.
  • New business divisions of corporate clients make use of our services as an alternative to setting up their own specialist recoveries operations.
  • Early arrears management includes driving customer re-engagement and enhancing collections performance on delinquent debt receivables.
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When can I engage with dlc?

dlc’s recoveries outsourcing services can be used at the pre charge-off account management stage, or at the post charge-off stage of delinquency. The sooner we are engaged to address challenges with you, the better.

In addition to phyically improving your credit processes, we can often provide recommendations to enhance internal processes. Often the fixes we put forward regarding internal processes can make significant differences to revenues, profitability and customer retention.

What technology does dlc use?

dlc’s collections outsourcing service utilises our state of the art contact centre technology, which allows both inbound and outbound campaigns to be catered for. Complete transparency of service is provided through clear and timely reporting.

What are the benefits of outsourced collections?

  • Bespoke processes and strategies designed by debt receivables management experts.
  • Improved recoveries performance and reductions in DSO through targeting specific collections campaigns.
  • Cost savings achieved via not having to manage internal headcount.
  • Speed and scalability of applying specialist resource to ledger management projects.
  • Opportunity to run comparisons against in-house activities and apply strategy improvements based on the results.
  • Bespoke reporting assisting in management decision making.

Speedy implementation & highly reliable services have been provided by dlc – a company we can always rely on.

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