Litigation Scoring

We work with our clients in a consultative manner to set the right objectives and plan legal debt recovery strategies. All accounts undergo litigation scoring and asset screening; this is used to drive our debt collection process by identifying a customer’s propensity to pay, home ownership (level of equity in property), indebtedness, lifestyle / spending habits.

We will help you determine the most suitable course of action including, but not limited to, consideration of client reputation, requirements, costs, origin of the balance and customer demographic.

Pre Litigation Collections


Our pre litigation strategies can be configured based on customer scoring. Using a data based approach to pre litigation activity enables us to take the right approach for each customer. This means that we avoid conducting unnecessary litigation activity (saving spend and Treating Customers Fairly), whilst only taking litigation activity on those customers where it is appropriate to do so. We apply varying requirements for our clients in this area and we are happy to tailor our services.

Litigation firm within our Group


The Cabot Credit Management Group includes dlc and Mortimer Clarke Solicitors. Mortimer Clarke Solicitors are a specialist debt recovery litigation law firm authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

This means that our clients can benefit from the Group providing an end to end credit management lifecycle aligned with our ethical values and focus on fair customer outcomes.
For more information about the litigation services offered by Mortimer Clarke Solicitors, please visit their website:

dlc work in line with your requirements to provide a skilful and driven litigation service which is evident from the excellent results.

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