Debt Purchase

Debt sale and debt purchase has really established itself as a fundamental component in the debt recovery process. dlc have built an excellent relationship with many banks, credit card and mainstream financial companies, and are able to support a range of transaction types.

These include:

  • Spot Sales – The completion purchases on pre-determined debt portfolios at a specified completion date.
  • Forward Flow Contracts – On-going contracts where dlc continue to purchase a debt type of a pre-agreed quality over a fixed term, or on a rolling period.
  • Right to collect – if your organisation doesn’t have the capacity to sell debt, it may be feasible for you to retain ownership and lease the right to collect on that debt to dlc. This allows you to realise an up-front cash injection as opposed to waiting for the longer levels of return associated with contingency collections. This can be useful for organisations wishing to pilot the viability of debt sale within recoveries strategies.
  • Advisory services – If required, dlc can provide a full consultancy service as part of the debt sale process. dlc can offer advice and support to help you through all stages of the debt sale process, from cutting the file through to due diligence, contract implementation and designing structures for supporting on-going requirements.

Debt Purchase Portfolios Considered


dlc are involved in buying large portfolios of debt, which are typically made up of credit cards, loan, banking, asset finance, mortgage shortfall, and retail credit accounts. We only consider the purchase of portfolios where the face value of receivables is in excess of £1.5 million.

Many of the relationships developed with creditors have been as a result of dlc’s clear and open negotiation principles, which have never been compromised in completing on a transaction.

Implementing the Debt Sale Process


Each of our clients has varied business drivers and faces unique challenges. Taking this into consideration, we work with our clients in a consultative manner to create the most appropriate debt purchase contracts. We pride ourselves on the ease of dealing with dlc in that we will meet our completion dates as agreed and operate streamlined processes to minimise on-going support requirements for our clients.

Debt Purchase Compliance and Best Practice


Our customer engagements are designed to deliver the fairest possible outcomes for customers so that they can resolve their debt situations in a sustainable manner.

dlc’s central working practices are built on ensuring adherence to the FCA CONC rules and guidance, upholding the Credit Services Association (CSA) code of practice and the Lending Code.


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