Debt Collection Agency Services

We regularly appear at the top of our clients’ league tables for recoveries performance, compliance and service quality scores, making dlc a popular debt recovery agency in the UK.

Using dlc’s debt recovery services has proven to be beneficial for numerous high profile clients in both the private sector and the public sector. Our client list is made up entirely of well-known brands and Central Government departments.

The debt collection services that dlc offer to our clients’ include:

  • Pre charge-off, or Post charge-off recoveries. This can be managed as a collections outsource, or as a traditional DCA service.
  • Prime placement debt recovery services.
  • Second placement contingency collections services.
  • Trace & Collect services.
  • Complimentary services in customer relationship management such as data gathering, managing customer reconnections, upselling and the collection of client assets.

Debt Collection Guidance

Every one of our clients has different business drivers and faces unique challenges. With this in mind, we work with our clients in a consultative manner to set the right objectives, plan strategies, and customise reporting. Although consumer debt recovery makes up a significant proportion of our business, we do also manage large volumes of commercial debt collection cases for many leading brands.

Compliance is king in modern debt recovery, which is why dlc’s fundamental working practices are built on ensuring adherence to the principles for businesses (PRIN) and FCA CONC rules and guidance . dlc recognise that agent knowledge is a key component in meeting compliance requirements, whilst our technology platforms simultaneously provide the controls to work within such parameters.

Professional Debt Collectors


As professional debt collectors, we ensure that staff training is tailored so that dlc employees manage debt according to the requirements of each client and their respective industry sectors. We utilise specific teams to look after contingency collections projects for each of these industry sectors and where appropriate we also operate segregated teams for our individual clients. This approach enables us to drive recoveries performance and deliver exceptional service levels.

Debt Collection Services


dlc’s debt collection services utilise sophisticated segmentation and modelling techniques which enables us to target our contact strategies, based on the customer’s propensity to pay. This segmentation includes the use of behavioural data, credit data, socio-demographic information, client information and involves the use of numerous data sets. Our Business Analysis Team constantly benchmark results across debt segments to ensure we are meeting KPI targets. We will use a champion / challenge concept, to ensure that any new strategies add value and deliver improvements in net return.

The collections efforts of our recoveries service teams are supported by several specialist departments at dlc. This includes our tracing service team, customer support team, pre litigation team, as well as working with Mortimer Clarke Solicitors; a specialist debt recovery litigation law firm authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which is also part of the Cabot Credit Management Group.

Innovative Debt Collection


Innovation is at the forefront of dlc’s service offering. Our Client Services department takes a proactive approach to account management and provide our debt collection clients with numerous ideas for improving strategy performance throughout the working relationship. Alongside this, we make significant investments into our software and communications technologies so that the recovery of debt occurs in the most effective and compliant manner.

dlc work extremely hard to achieve client results, providing a quality service to build a strong relationship.

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