Telecoms debt collection

We can drive recoveries performance and deliver exceptional service levels built on your specific requirements. We will create a dedicated team using our specialised Customer Account Agents who are accustomed to working with telecoms arrears, segmented balances, and the different debt types:

  • Fixed line
  • Mobile phone debt
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Improve collections performance in Telecoms debt collection

dlc’s experience in telecoms debt collection started in 1996 and having worked with leading UK telephony clients since then, we can offer years of high level experience in the collection of telecoms debt.

We can uplift and improve your current collections in accommodating each stage of your process. We can become involved in working with your customers at the Outbound Call Barring (OCB) or Inbound Call Barring (ICB) stages, offering our early arrears or prime collection services for consumer and commercial debts.

Improve your right party contacts with our trace and collect services

Where cases that have already followed a previous collections cycle without success they are often considered ‘tough’ to collect. We carryout second placement collections for our existing clients where we have seen great success rates through use of our bespoke strategies and our unique collections approach.

Our in-house trace team can improve your right party contacts. With an estimated 2.8 million people moving house the United Kingdom every year, it’s understandable that it may be difficult to correspond with your customers, thus causing debt to arise. Our trace team works with our highly skilled collection agents offering a trace and collect service to overcome this issue.

Tackling those ‘won’t pay’ customers can be achieved using our in-house litigation team. We use pre litigation segmentation to ensure we have a good chance of recovering their balance using this method. We follow a ‘no collection, no fee’ basis, this service can also be agreed through an alternative pricing method.

Uplifts in collections can also be achieved by making use of our longstanding relationship with a field recoveries organisation. Using the field agent’s expertise this specialist method allows us to obtain payments from those customers that find it easier to manage their arrears through face to face contact.

Achieve enhanced operational performance in telecoms debt recovery

  • We can improve levels of customer retention through reconnecting customers who have cleared their airtime arrears. We regularly appear first place for highest reconnections against competing debt collection agencies.
  • 100% compliant telecoms collections can be demonstrated using Speech Analytics technology. Call Centre Managers mine voice data from each call and use reporting to focus and enhance operational standards.
  • Gain greater insight and improved outcomes across telecoms debt portfolios in understanding particular customer segments. Using this analytical approach we can provide effective collection strategies.
  • We offer ethical and compliant debt recovery services, with full adherence to Treating Customers Fairly (TCF).
  • We can facilitate handset returns for customers wanting to reduce their telecoms arrears when they may be struggling to pay. This service can be particularly useful to clients that want to have reconditioned phones available to handle customer insurance claims.
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