Motor Debt Recovery

Maximising successful outcomes in motor finance debt collections

dlc’s debt recovery team engage with customers to resolve motor finance arrears encountered through Hire Purchase agreements, lease agreements and motor loans. We work with your customers to resolve their arrears in the most appropriate way whilst protecting your brand and delivering an excellent customer experience.

Our debt collection team establish contact with customers, making them aware of their obligations and opportunities for resolution, dependent on their motor finance contract type. In line with Treating Customers Fairly we provide this information to customers clearly ensuring they fully understand their options. We work with an awareness of our client’s goals to deliver the right outcomes in order to achieve optimal value.

Our Customer Account Agents are highly skilled in handling Hire Purchase (HP) agreements. The solutions provided to a customer will be dependent upon their account payment record and if they’ve paid under a third, over a third, or over a half of their HP agreement. In each scenario we will inform the customer of the possible outcomes available, including paying arrears, repossession, or voluntary return of the vehicle.

When handling leasing contracts we are fully conversant with BVRLA guidelines and the de-fleet process. We regularly access the systems of inspect and collect companies viewing vehicle inspection reports. This helps to deliver customers with a clear understanding of de-fleet inspections and how charges such as excess mileage or damage have contributed to their balance. Having access to this information gives us the ability to provide query resolution for fleet management debt and ultimately allow our debt recovery team to collect payment.

A number of our motor finance clients utilise dlc for early arrears collections outsourcing, prime placement debt recovery and legal services (including managing Return of Goods Orders).

Protect your brand with dlc’s compliant motor finance debt collections

We maintain positive customer relationships working to rehabilitate customers encountering motor finance arrears. Our services are fully compliant in line with the Consumer Credit Act, FCA CONC rules and guidance, Principles for businesses (PRIN) and BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines.

Our debt collection team achieve the best outcomes for clients and customers to maximise value through multifaceted strategies. We work closely with our clients’ full supplier base throughout the motor finance collections processes making sure all relationships are knitted together. This includes working with inspect and collect companies, repossession agents and auction houses.

Gain greater insight and control in motor finance

  • Greater insight can be given across supplier chains using Speech Analytics technology. Voice data from every call is mined and reported upon to identify trends providing you with overall control.
  • We’re accustomed to working with Inspect and Collect Companies and reviewing their reports outlining a customer’s liability.
  • Efficient process control is directed through third party systems to prompt repossessions & vehicle returns
  • Our in-house Pre Litigation Team take a commercial view to decide the most suitable course of action through pre-litigation account segmentation ensuring accounts meet pre-set criteria before taking legal action. Subsequent legal activity is undertaken by Mortimer Clarke Solicitors; a specialist debt recovery litigation law firm authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which is also part of the Cabot Credit Management Group.
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