Insurance contingency collections

Utilise our expert knowledge in insurance contingency collections

Insurance companies generate improved returns from collections by outsourcing debt recovery to dlc. We can improve your levels of debt recovery with our expert knowledge in collecting insurance arrears, having worked in the insurance sector since 1994. This includes collecting on home insurance, car insurance, bike insurance and breakdown and recovery insurance.

Reduce your involvement whilst providing a positive customer experience

We minimise the level of effort required by our clients in the debt collection process and provide a positive customer experience when working with customers to resolve their insurance arrears. We are conversant in understanding insurance intricacies varying from balance breakdowns, obtaining alternative insurance and SORN documentation.

Achieve the best possible outcomes in debt collection

Customer Account Agents help insurance customers understand the reasons behind their debt occurring. Using our extensive knowledge of insurance arrears we assist customers in continuing with their insurance policies where possible through payment of their arrears. In this process we ensure customers aren’t insured twice unnecessarily due to auto renewals. Our agents are trained and experienced in dealing with the numerous causes of insurance arrears, including:

  • Fault claims – where a customer has had an accident and they are considered at blame or where you cannot recover costs from somebody else, the customer will be responsible to pay the outstanding balance.
  • Unpaid premiums – debt can arise where customers that have cancelled their Direct Debit but failed to cancel their policy, resulting in a premium being due.
  • Time on Risk – generated from mid-term cancellations causing insurance debt to arise.
  • Auto renewals – customers not notifying their insurance company of cancellation before their auto renewal. In some instances proof of alternative insurance can be supplied as resolution to clear their arrears.

We can reduce arrears levels by becoming involved at the early arrears, prime, or second placement stages of your debt collections processes working on a ‘no collection, no fee’ basis. We provide the best possible outcomes when managing debt collections by incorporating supplementary services within our collections strategies. Our insurance debt collection services are supported by our trace, pre-litigation, debt management, vulnerable customer and outsourced field recoveries teams. Each of the debt recovery strategies we apply for our insurance clients follow strict criteria to ensure that we take the right approach to customer management.

Increased recoveries performance in insurance debt collection

  • We deliver uplifts in performance by tailoring our approach based on intelligence gained from data modelling insurance customers and applying account segmentation. This approach means that we drive recoveries strategies to provide the best possible customer outcomes.
  • We deliver ethical and compliant debt recovery services which are evidenced through rigorous audit processes.
  • Through the use of Speech Analytics technology we evidence that all calls with customers fully adhere to the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) principles.
  • We minimise our client’s in-house operating requirements through our effective management of administration. This includes obtaining relevant paperwork from your customers such as alternative insurance documentation, or SORN notifications to resolve customer queries.
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