Government Debt Recovery

Increase levels of return in government debt collection

Excellent returns to the government are achieved through the delivery of effective collections strategies provided by dlc. Our collections teams return money to the treasury that can be spent on public services. We are experienced in providing debt collection services on behalf of the UK Central Government working to the specific customer contact standards that have been set out.

We can tackle the specific challenges involved when providing debt recovery services to the public sector. Our Customer Account Agents understand the numerous sensitivities and operate in line with principles of best practice and strict legislative requirements. We conduct debt collections services in such a way that customers receive that same level of care that they would hope to receive from a public sector body.

Effective debt collection

We provide effective collections operations for prime and second placement contingency collection services to recover monies owed by members of the public. We also deal with large volumes of corporate debt owed by SME’s through to large organisations in arrears. With corporate cases our Customer Account Agents will have regular contact with authorised parties including accountants, solicitors, financial directors and company secretaries to arrange debt repayments.

Improve your customer query resolution

Improved query resolution and data collation are delivered by our dedicated Central Government collections teams. Our Customer Account Agents have expert knowledge and understanding of tax, benefit and other public sector debt types. Each Customer Account Agent has completed rigorous training in the specifics of government debt collection practices.

Our robust processes allow us to comply with Central Government standards regarding security and professionalism. All customer data is used for intended purposes, stored securely, kept up to date and is only processed within the UK.

Reliable Government debt collection enhancing operational performance

  • 100% compliant Government debt collection calls are demonstrated using Speech Analytics technology. Call Centre Managers mine voice data from each call and use reporting to focus and enhance training and performance.
  • We provide secure government debt recoveries, all staff are required to sign adherence to the Official Secrets Act as part of their employment.
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