Banking Debt Recovery

Providing uplifted returns in banking debt collections

dlc’s debt recovery team engages with banking customers on an individual level to resolve their arrears situations. Using this customer centric approach we have seen significantly improved sustainability of debt resolution plans.

We deliver positive customer journeys, which are at the forefront of our debt collections approach. We provide customers with a trusted service and adhere to Treating Customers Fairly through appropriate questioning and establishing customer affordability.

We have uplifted the sustainability of payment plans through our fair approach to debt collection. To achieve this, our Customer Account Agents build an overall picture of each customer’s situation through the use of effective questioning we identify events leading to a customer’s present position and establish affordability. This information is used to agree appropriate payment plans with customers.

Over-indebted customers will be signposted to free debt management advice available to them via a ‘hot key’ transfer process. Specialist Customer Account Agents manage vulnerable customers, outside of our normal debt collections strategies including those who may be critically or mentally ill.

We have ethical principles at the heart of our operations, which are embedded into the skill set of our Customer Account Agents through rigorous training to deliver realistic solutions. To this day we continue to provide early arrears, prime and second placement contingency collection services to banks and lenders, recovering arrears accumulated through loans, credit cards and overdraft facilities.

Maximise positive customer experience in banking recoveries

We maintain positive customer relationships working with a robust Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) framework. Our Customer Account Agents provide fully compliant debt recovery services in line with the Consumer Credit Act, The Standards of Lending Practice the principles for businesses (PRIN) and the FCA CONC rules and guidance.

We achieve improved customer experience through our proactive strategies and diligent approach to measuring customer outcomes. Dashboard reporting provided to our clients encompasses customer feedback, first call resolution statistics, and call data analysis. Our goal is to reduce bad debt provisions and improve profitability to our clients by improving cure rates to rehabilitate customers to performing account status.

Gain comprehensive expertise in compliant banking debt collections

  • 100% compliance is demonstrated using Speech Analytics technology. Call Centre Managers mine the voice data from every call and provide reporting enables us to focus training and enhance operational standards.
  • Our Customer Journey board discuss stakeholder insights to refine debt collection strategies and deliver optimised customer experiences.
  • We achieve the best collections results through the application of debt recovery strategies that apply proprietary data models.
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