dlc has a strong training and coaching culture; staff joining the operations area of the business benefit from an extensive, four week, off the floor training programme to equip them with the necessary collection tools to get them off to a flying start.

The focus of this initial training is on compliance to ensure both industry and our clients’ standards are adhered to and is delivered using a variety of approaches such as workshops, hands on practical training with experienced staff, Q&A sessions and coaching, all of which is assessed at various stages.

Development doesn’t stop there; after graduating to their on-going team, staff’s training and coaching continues with a suite of knowledge and skills based courses being offered, heavily supported by one to one coaching with the team’s training officer.

Calls are assessed using a scorecard approach to ensure compliance and call quality is maintained. One to one feedback is offered in a supportive environment, and if training needs are identified, these are linked to a personal development plan.

Staff in customer facing roles undergo the CSA’s annual Collector Accreditation which is recognised by the industry. dlc’s training is designed to support this, using a variety of different mediums.

The ‘direct learning centre’ provides the ideal location for staffs’ on-going development and provides a library and on-line learning. Informal workshops and small group sessions regularly take place here and we promote bespoke, one-off learning events tailored to the needs of individuals and teams.

Our management development programme provides in-house and external training events for staff who manage people. A suite of eighteen courses are offered, aligned to our management competencies and values.

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